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  • reference letter

    Each axonometric drawing for the product is accompanied by a letter if more than one version is present. The letter indicates the reference row for the technical specifications of that particular product. If accompanied by the symbol or , then the product has a specific orientation in reference to the door it is mounted on. See of the DIN Right/Left standard that clarifies how to correctly define the orientation of door openings.
  • lock mechanism

    This indicates the dimensions (in mm) of all the lock mechanism that can be installed with this product.
    All the mechanism indicated are present in the pack.
    If the product has to be fastened using a screw (for example Pull handles) the value in this column corresponds to the screw thread size (f.e. M6 or M8)
  • door thickness

    This is the minimum and maximum thickness (in mm) that the door can have for installation of the product.
  • keyhole

    This indicates the type of keyhole the product has. If there is a number next to it, this identifies the centre space (in mm) between the centre of the lock mechanism and the centre of the keyhole. This value is provided only in the description of handles with plates. The following keyholes are available :

    • BB Keyhole
    • European cylinder
    • Cylinder protection
    • Standard keyhole
    • Latch for bathroom
  • fixing

    The symbol indicates the type of fixing screws (for door or window) supplied with the product:

    • POZIDRIV CROSS HEAD non -through screw
    • POZIDRIV CROSS HEAD non-through screw with bush
    • POZIDRIV CROSS HEAD through screw
    • POZIDRIV CROSS HEAD through screw on rose with pins
    • POZIDRIV CROSS HEAD through screw for window
  • special version

    A reference to any additional components included in the pack to adapt the handle to meet specific functional requirements (e.g. High thermal seal or use on fire doors).

    • TERMI ® for improved thermal seal;
    • FIRE STOP washer;
    • Complies with EN 1709 SAFETY standards.
    • WC Turn snib free/occupied
  • Quantità presente nella confezione

    Identifica il numero di pezzi presenti all'interno di ciascuna confezione. Per tutti i prodotti venduti in coppia (es. le maniglie, le bocchette, ecc.) 1 pezzo indica una coppia di articoli da applicare alla medesima porta.
  • Minimum order

    This identifies the minimum number of packs that can be ordered. Delivery is free for orders of at least 600 € (EU). Goods for delivery outside the EU are quoted ex-works. The minimum order value without a charge for handling costs is €300,00 for Italy, €600,00 for EU countries, and € 1500,00 for non-EU countries. If the minimum order is below this amount, a € 3,00 surcharge will be applied for each pack.
  • Item code

    This is the item number of each product. The FULL item number for ordering a specific product consists of the product number followed by the finish code (f.e. Item number 001002003 and finish code 01 = ordering code 001002003-01)
  • Finish, price and delivery times

    Each box identifies the specific product finish and the corresponding gross price of the package in € (VAT not included):

    01 finish code
    40,93 gross price
    01 finish code
    40,93 gross price
    Grey boxes identify products for delivery within 20 working days.
    The white boxes identify products with lead-times up to 60 working days.
    Goods are delivered between 8am to 5pm on weekdays.
  • PVD+, 20 year guarantee, 2000hr in salt spray, Corrosion class 3

    PVD+ is a surface finish based on physical vapour deposition . All products treated with PVD are guaranteed for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • STORION / 10 year guarantee, 1200hr in salt spray, Corrosion class 3

    STORION is an environmentally-friendly surface treatment designed specifically for conducting materials. All products treated with STORION are guaranteed for indoor applications only.
  • STEEL-P / 2 year-guarantee, Corrosion class 2

    STEEL-P is a mechanical polishing/satin-finish process used exclusively for steel products. All products treated with STEEL-P are guaranteed for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • CR-ZERO / 2 year guarantee, 900hr in salt spray, Corrosion class 1

    CR-ZERO is a chromium-plating process in which the chromium depositing on the part after galvanisation has valence 0 (Cr0), meaning it is present in a state that is totally harmless for human health. All products treated with CR-ZERO are guaranteed for indoor applications only.
  • Eco-coating / 2 year guarantee, 900hr in salt spray, Corrosion class 1

    ECO-COATING is one of the most ecological painting systems, characterized by the uniform deposition of an epoxy or acrylic resin on the surface of the element. All products treated with ECO COATING are guaranteed for indoor applications only.
  • Din right-left standard

    When ordering a product with a half handle or a pair of different handles (f.e. on a handle on plate and knob), it is necessary to specify the standard (DIN right/left handle grip) used to identify whether the handle can be used for right-hand or left-hand grips.

    SIMB SX. refers to a handle applied on the inside of a Left-hinged door
    SIMB DX. refers to a handle applied on the inside of a Right-hinged door
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