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ENTRA > Company mission

ENTECH is an Italian company that makes handles and accessories and exports them all over the world. This website features the ENTRA brand name, which identifies ENTECH production to meet the requirements of businesses large and small. ENTECH’s mission is to offer a wide assortment of products to meet all possible needs in terms of mechanical and surface resistance, installation times and after-sales service.

RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Respect for the environment is a fundamental principle at ENTECH, in terms of the production of both handles and packaging, and all industrial processes that impoverish or pollute natural resources. Analysis and control of energy consumption, reduction and elimination of the environmental impact of production through the elimination of waste and toxic agents, recycling, life cycle design (LCD), life cycle analysis (LCA), and respect for the environment are all part of our basic modus operandi. ENTECH Italia is currently undergoing UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. A modern company must be founded on respect for people. That is why ENTECH bases its philosophy on the human rights of individuals in order to get the most value from the human capital of the company that it represents and that represents it. The company is convinced that there is growth if it is economically efficient, socially balanced, ecologically responsible, and at the cutting edge of culture.

ENTRA > Production

ENTRA’s entire operations are based on the following principles:

  • all-Italian production;
  • compliance with Italian labour laws;
  • compliance with rigorous Italian and European environmental standards;
  • use of raw materials and production systems in accordance with Italian and European regulations;
  • interest in setting up exclusive partnerships with European suppliers.

ENTRA > Products

All ENTRA products feature the following:

  • a 10-year guarantee;
  • DIN EN 1906 grade 3 or grade 4 certification;
  • innovative technical solutions;
  • patented technology for both products and design;
  • ENTRA logo for unequivocal identification.

ENTRA > Warranty

ENTRA guarantees the mechanical functions of all its door and window handles, providing they are mounted and maintained properly. All ENTRA products undergo a series of quality tests to simulate the static and dynamic loads to which handles and fittings are subjected during their life. The test conditions applied at ENTRA’s laboratories are much more rigorous than those of the corresponding tests required under DIN EN 1906.

ENTRA > Customer service

Efficient and innovative logistics enables ENTRA to deliver products directly from stock, thereby allowing the customer to reduce storage and distribution costs.

Main features of the supply and despatch of ENTRA products:

  • the sales policy is the same for all the products in the catalogue;
  • the univocal identification of the item ordered comprises the PRODUCT CODE + FINISH CODE. Both codes must be specified on the order;
  • articles in the catalogue showing the price on a GREY background are guaranteed delivery within 20 working days;
  • articles in the catalogue showing the price on a WHITE background are guaranteed delivery within 60 working days;
  • goods can be collected any weekday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m;
  • if the customer places an order with a non-standard quantity per pack, a surcharge of 3 euros will be applied for each pack.

ENTRA has a team of experts that can provide customers with specific samples for showrooms, and architects, craftsmen and designers with an all-round technical service. The purpose of this is to ensure that ENTRA’s customers can meet the end users’ requirements to the full.

ENTRA > Advisory service

ENTRA can send a team of technicians, sales personnel or designers to the customer’s premises to help them draw up a work schedule in accordance with their particular production and sales requirements.