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PRODOTTI > Handles

All ENTRA handles are designed to meet application and industrial requirements on a small, medium and large scale: mechanical and surface resistance, rapid installation, efficient after-sales service.
You can choose a handle based on two criteria - by FAMILY or by APPLICATION:

  • by FAMILY identifies all product versions divided by model, e.g. all applications using the KOBE model;
  • by APPLICATION identifies all available handles divided by field of application, e.g. all handles available with a rectangular rose for aluminium frames.

PRODOTTI > Accessories

This category encompasses all the accessories required to complete the range of handles, e.g. knobs, plates and doorstops. Accessories have the same materials and finish as ENTRA handles, and hence the same warranties and performance.

PRODOTTI > Mechanisms

For correct installation and operation, all ENTRA products are sold complete with their mechanical components, such as spindles, reducers and bushes. Non-standard components can be supplied for specific applications. This category covers all the mechanisms and supports required for the correct application and operation of all the products in other categories, regardless of the context.