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TECHNOLOGIES > CLAQ system assembly

CLAQ® New system for quick, easy and reliable assembly. Watch the VIDEO.

CLAQ®, is a novel system for rapid screwless installation of door and window handles. It features a SELF-LOCKING mechanism for AUTOMATIC BALANCING of the spindle during insertion to minimize the risk of wrong installation.

Fifing sequence

  • The handle can be mounted quickly, easily and reliably, without the need for any tools;
  • Optimal positioning and locking of the spindle;
  • No tools are required to fix the handle to the spindle;
  • The absence of a grub screw for fixing the handle to the frame completely avoids the risk of weakening the hold or, worse still, the handle coming out of the spindle.;
  • The use of a solid ENTRA frame enhances the transfer of twist torque to the handle compared to traditional spindles;
  • Thanks to the AUTOMATIC BALANCING system, the spindle enters the opposing handles uniformly to an equal depth;
  • Installation time is 70-80% shorter than for a traditional handle.;
  • The spindle is not dependent on the handle, so the product can be adapted to various door thicknesses. This means dealers only need to keep a small stock of products since the handle works with ALL spindle lengths;
  • The CLAQ® system is classified under DIN EN 1906 in class 3 and class 4, which means it is recommended for doors in high-frequency buildings and also ones subject to frequent violent usage (e.g. in public places such as barracks and stadiums);
  • The appearance of a handle using the CLAQ® system is considerably enhanced as there are no holes in it;
  • The CLAQ® system uses the new ENTRA rose with a pre-loaded two-way spring to allow the handle to be turned in either direction (clockwise or anticlockwise) up to an angle of 45°. This feature means the system is ideal for multi-point locks with handle-operated release (e.g. in armoured doors);
  • An anti-break-in and anti-disassembling pin can be mounted on outdoor handles;
  • The system can be used on locks with a 7, 8, 9 or 10 mm spindle;
  • The ENTRA spindle can be used with both the CLAQ® and CLIQ-CLAQ™ system.
  • he CLAQ® system is guaranteed for 10 years.

TECNOLOGIE > New thermal seal

TERMI® Improved thermal seal for reduced energy consumption.

TERMI® is a washer that can be mounted on door and window handles to:

  • improve the building’s energy efficiency;
  • reduce overall energy consumption;
  • enhance comfort in both summer and winter.

TERMI® washers on door and window handles improve the building’s energy performance as required under national and EU standards. TERMI® is an optional and quick and easy to install when mounting the handle.

European Directive 2010/31/EU identifies various energy performance requirements that buildings have to comply with. Each country has enacted this European directive with specific laws and regulations (e.g. Heating Regulation no. 2012-RT2012 in France and Energy Certification Decree 26/06/09 in Italy). The main aspect that involves handles directly is the degree of heat dispersion from doors and windows. National regulations analyse and identify the maximum loss of hot air (from inside the building) through holes and cracks in door and window frames (weather strip seals, frame design, presence of technical holes, etc.). The method for analysing heat dispersion is specified in NBN EN 13829 (air-tightness test). A so-called “blower door” is installed hermetically on one of the building’s door frames. This creates a pressure difference between the interior and the exterior thanks to the use of a mechanical fan, which is connected to a computer that calculates the exact amount of air loss. Under the directive, the loss of air from the building is calculated as the number of cubic metres of air lost per hour for each square metre of door or window (m3/h/m2).

As a general rule, in Europe the maximum limit to comply with this directive is 0.6 m3/h/m2 in private dwellings and 1.00 m3/h/m2 in collective dwellings. It is therefore advisable to check in advance the parameters adopted by the country in which the products are to be installed and have tests conducted by a qualified technician.

TECHNOLOGIES > Two-way spring rose

New rose with pre-loaded two-way spring.

All ENTRA door handles come with a pre-loaded two-way spring rose to allow the handle to be turned in either direction (clockwise and anticlockwise) up to an angle of 45°.

Main features of the new ENTRA two-way spring rose:

  • 100% made in Italy;
  • HOSTAFORM® (100% recyclable copolymer) self-lubricating and noise-reducing mechanism;
  • European rose diameter 52mm;
  • can be mounted using through grub screws;
  • no ring visible on the rose when the handle is mounted;
  • brass or AISI 304 stainless steel rose covering.
  • can be used with the new CLAQ® quick-fit system for doors and windows.

Advantages of the new ENTRA two-way spring rose:

  • operates in either direction up to an angle of 45°, making the system ideal for multipoint locks with handle-operated release (e.g. in armoured doors).;
  • greater lock return force for horizontal repositioning of the handle;
  • reduced mechanical stress on the lock;
  • reduced play between handle and rose;
  • handle maintained horizontally, even after lengthy use;
  • same rose can be used for right-hand left-hand grips.